Counselling Unit


Counseling Unit is under the office of the Vice Chancellor Federal University Lokoja but works directly with Dean Student Affairs Division. The Unit is headed by Chief Benn Tommy Yomi Aina:mcasson

Services of Counselling Unit 

The following are the usual services provided in the Counselling Unit to students and staff.

i.       Personal Psychological Counselling.

ii.      Educational Services.

iii.     Examination, Anxiety and Time Management.

iv.     Stress Management.

v.      Orientation/Study Guide.

vi.     Psychological Testing and Administration.

vii.    Planning and Placement.

viii.   Follow-up and Referral.

ix.     Drug Reduction Session.                        

x.      Adjustment and Relationship Management.

xi.     Youth Empowerment and Family Counselling.

Available Psychological Tests

i.       Student Need Invention (SNI).

ii.     Student Problem (SPI).

iii.    Motivation fit occupation preference scale (MOPS).

iv.    Vocational interest inventory (VII).

v.     Study habit inventory (SH)