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A Courageous Handshake with FUL Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Akinwumi Earns Fatimah Scholarship


The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Olayemi Akinwumi has awarded a 2-year scholarship to Miss Fatimah Damilola Abdulazeez, a 100 level student from the Department of Political Science, Federal University Lokoja.

Recall that Fatimah, with a charming smile on her face, confidently had a warm handshake with the Vice-Chancellor during a procession at the 8th Matriculation Ceremony which took place on Friday, March 19, 2021 at the Adankolo Campus of the University.

Fatimah’s friendly disposition, charisma and strong determination to have a handshake with her VC, not minding the protocols and large crowd that gathered around to watch as the procession progressed, must have been among other visible attributes that captured the rapt attention of the Vice-Chancellor to her on that fateful day.

Indeed, it was destiny smiling at Fatimah who was only carried away with the euphoria of the matriculation ceremony, but did not envisage that a “mere” but courageous handshake with her student-friendly Vice-Chancellor would earn her an automatic scholarship in the University.

This, no doubt, will go into the annals of history that during the 8th Matriculation Ceremony of the University, which was also the first conducted under the Professor Akinwumi-led administration, a student became a celebrity of a kind after an extraordinary handshake with her amiable and student-loving Vice-Chancellor.

Her unique smile, boldness and confidence were contagious.

Congratulations, Fatimah!