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PHOTO NEWS: FUL Holds Public Lecture entitled: "Corruption in West Africa: The Role of Linguistics and Literary Scholars" by Prof. Adams Bodomo

Images from the recent Public Lecture entitled “Humanities and the Fight against Corruption in West Africa: The Role of Linguistic and Literary Scholars” which was ably delivered by Professor Adams Bodomo, Chair of African Languages and Literatures, University of Vienna, Austria.
Professor Bodomo who spoke extensively on languages and literature of corruption in West African languages, identified the various ways in which corruption is expressed in the indigenous languages in Africa, using data from Dagaare, Akan, Igbo, Yoruba and Kusaal, and other numerous Transactional Linguistic Cues of Corruption (TLCCs) in West African languages including oral literary practices of West Africans.
He analysed corruption, a major scourge on the socio-economic well-being of Africans, from interdisciplinary perspective, as well as functional and cognitive approaches to the theoretical analysis of corruption.
Similarly, the University Don highlighted ways in which linguists and literary scholars can contribute to anti-corruption campaigns by identifying potential cases of corruption through the analysis of texts and using these methods to train anti-corruption staff. He equally used the opportunity to interact with the Academic Staff on mentorship. 
The University Management under the able leadership of Professor Olayemi Akinwumi is profoundly grateful to Professor Adams Bodomo for coming all the way from Austria to deliver this very apt and timely lecture.