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“Count Yourselves Lucky to be Amongst a Privileged Few:” An Address Delivered by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Olayemi Akinwumi at the 9th Matriculation Ceremony on Thursday, 2nd December, 2021




The Principal Officers of the University
Provost of the College of Health Sciences
Deans of Faculties
Directors of all Academic Directorates
Other Directors
Heads of the various Departments
Our Dear Very Lucky Matriculants of today
Gentlemen of the Press
Ladies and Gentlemen.

It is my delight to welcome you to this all-important activity in the lives of these young and unassuming future leaders of this country who will be taking a very giant stride in the moulding of their tomorrow, today. It is the beginning of what they will be in the future that they want to sow the seed in this exercise of matriculation into studentship of the Federal University Lokoja (FUL). I, therefore, thank you for coming to be part of the epoch-making event that will launch these young Nigerians into the beginning of what their future will hold for them.

To my dear Matriculants, I congratulate you on your admission to our great citadel of learning, the Federal University Lokoja, Let me inform you all that you should count yourselves very lucky to be amongst the privileged few to be admitted into this University out of the multitude of your colleagues that sought for University placement in the 2020/2021 academic session.

Without fear of accusation of being repetitive, you all know that many admission seekers out there, who scaled through the UTME examinations conducted by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) during the 2020/2021 admission exercise, were not lucky to gain entrance into Universities with you and therefore, you must consider yourselves highly privileged to be here to participate in this enviable event called MATRICULATION.

I, therefore, welcome you to the various degree programmes you have been admitted into. As you matriculate today, it is my conviction that while some of you will finish with First Class Honours, some may not graduate at all from this University due to no fault of the University but that of such non-graduating students. While I pray that failure to graduate will not be your lot, the end result of your academic career here at Federal University Lokoja will rest squarely in your hands and will be determined by how you prepare for the task ahead of you because “AS YOU LAY YOUR BEDS, SO YOU WILL LIE ON THEM.”

You should, at all times look back and remember the home you are coming from and reflect on your activities in the few years you will spend in this University in search of Academic laurels that will launch you into the future.

I want to further advise you that there are some actions or inactions from you that can distract you, as you chase the Golden Fleece in FUL, from achieving a positive realization of your objectives for obtaining admission into this University for which you are celebrating today.

  • Involvement in Cult Activities:

FUL has zero tolerance for CULTISM and CULT-related activities by students. Avoid involving yourself in activities of any Association that is not registered in the University.

  • Examination Malpractice:

Any culprit involved in this vice will automatically be booted out of the University. Work hard and conscientiously to avoid the temptation of Examination Malpractice.

  • Improper Dressing:

Note that you are addressed the way you dress. You, therefore, need to dress well at all times to avoid the temptation of being raped or seduced by either your male or female counterparts as the case may be. Don’t expose the areas of your body that may lead to unnecessary attraction of the opposite sex. The males amongst you are not expected to wear tattered jeans/clothes and unkempt hair.

  • Obey all the Provisions in the Students Handbook:

Make reference to the Students Handbook regularly to avoid being caught by the Law premised upon the provisions in the Handbook. Let me advise you all that the Student Affairs Division will at all times be at your disposal. If you have challenges, feel free to contact the Dean of Students and other officers of the Division if and when the need arises.

In concluding my address to you, please note that you are here in FUL for a purpose. Shun all the activities that will distract you from achieving the purpose for which you toiled to gain admission into this University so that when you are finally exiting this Institution, you will not only celebrate but you will also be celebrated having been found worthy in CHARACTER and LEARNING.

I wish you all a successful stay in Federal University Lokoja, successful career pursuit, and finally, what you wish yourselves.

Thank you for listening.

Professor Olayemi Akinwumi
2nd December, 2021

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