About Us

Our History and Traditions

Establishment of Federal University Lokoja (FUL)

The Federal University Lokoja was established along with other eight (8) new Federal universities on the 16th of February 2011 following a pronouncement by former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Soon afterward, a Vice-Chancellor and Registrar in the persons of Professor Abdulmumini Hassan Rafindadi and Mrs. Habiba Anavoza Adeiza were appointed. The current Vice-Chancellor is Professor Olayemi Akinwumi since 15th February 2021 while the current Registrar is Mrs Rebecca Aimiohu Okojie. The University is sited in Lokoja, the Capital city of Kogi State of Nigeria, in the North Central political zone.

Past Administrations:

S/N Name Position Duration Photograph 
1. Professor Abdulmumini Hassan Rafindadi Pioneer Vice-Chancellor 2011-2016  
2. Mrs. Habiba Anavoza Adeiza Pioneer Registrar 2011-2017  Adeiza A. Habiba
3. Professor Angela Freeman Miri Second Vice-Chancellor 2016-2021

4. Adm Usman Suleman Obansa Second Registrar 2017-2022


Motto of the University

SIC ITUR AD ASTRA, this Latin phrase means THE SKY IS THE LIMIT.


Pioneer programmes offered by the university in the 2012/2013 session


  1. English Language and Literary Studies
  2. History and International Studies
  3. Economics
  4. Political Science
  5. Geography                                             

FACULTY OF SCIENCES                 

  1. Biological Science                    
  2. Chemistry                                
  3. Mathematics                            
  4. Computer Science                    
  5. Physics 
  6. Geology                       

The Faculties, Departments and Programmes in the University are as follows:

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

i.        Department of English and Literary Studies

          - B. A. (Hons) English

          - B. A. (Hons) English Literary Studies

          - B. A. (Hons) Theatre and Performing Arts

ii.      Department of History and International Studies

          - B. A. (Hons) History

iii.     Department of Political Science

          - B. Sc. (Hons) Political Science

iv.      Department of Economics

          - B. Sc. (Hons) Economics

v.      Department of Geography

          - B. Sc. (Hons) Geography


Faculty of Science

i.        Department of Biological Sciences

          - B. Sc. (Hons) Biology

          - B. Sc. (Hons) Botany

          - B. Sc. (Hons) Zoology

          - B. Sc. (Hons) Microbiology

ii.      Department of Chemistry

          - B. Sc. (Hons) Chemistry

iii.      Department of Physics

          - B. Sc. (Hons) Physics

iv.       Department of Geology

          - B. Sc. (Hons) Geology

v.      Department of Geography

          - B. Sc. (Hons) Geography

vi.     Department of Computer Science

         - B. Sc. (Hons) Computer Science

vii.    Department of Mathematics

          - B. Sc. (Hons) Mathematics