Career Service Center

What is Career Centre?

 A career center is a dedicated department or resource within a University or college
 campus that provides a wide range of support, guidance, and resources to help students and alumni in their career or skill development and job search efforts. This dedicated  department is often part of a school, college or non-profit organization but might also be an independent business or government agency. In career centers, trained career  development professionals can help you choose a career path, find and apply for open positions, create a resume and learn skills that employers might prefer in candidates.


 The objectives for the establishment of a career centre in tertiary institution are as

Career advice
School application support
Resume and cover letter help
Job search resources
Networking event
Professional development workshop

Mission Statement

 Career Service Center seeks to empower students, graduates, businesses and other
 stakeholders with the tools for career discernment and compatibility towards establishing
 flrm and fruitful connections between the academic community and business/industrial
 sector so as to develop the overall economy.


Career Service Center envisions a local, national and International village dedicated to
 multi-dimensional and innovative approaches towards the carefully crafted and designed
 development of undergraduate and graduate students who are armed with the enabling
 tools to become successful career and business giants in their chosen field of endeavor.