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Advertisement for Long Term Vocational Training Programmes

Applicants are invited for the following:  Long Term Vocation Training (LVT) Programmes  

  1. B.A. (Ed) English and Literary Studies
  2. B.A. (Ed) History and International Studies
  3. B.Sc.(Ed) Economics
  4. B.Sc.(Ed) Geography
  5. B.Sc.(Ed) Political Science
  6. B.Sc.(Ed) Social Studies
  7. B.Sc.(Ed) Business Education
  8. B.Sc.(Ed) Biology
  9. B.Sc.(Ed) Chemistry
  10. B.Sc.(Ed) Computer Science
  11. B.Sc.(Ed) Integrated Science
  12. B.Sc.(Ed) Mathematics
  13. B.Sc.(Ed) Physics
  14. BLIS Library and Information Science
  15. B.A(Ed) Christian Religion Studies
  16. B.A(Ed) Islamic Religion Studies
  17. B.A.(Ed) Guidance and Counselling Education


The Duration for all programmes which runs on the basis of contact is 60 calendar months. With a minimum of 12 weeks for each contact period. 


Only candidates who possess Diploma, National Diploma(ND) and NCE are admitted into this programme.


The application form cost   N5,000 only


  1. Visit the University website at
  2. Click on Institute of Education Portal or visit the web portal directly at
  • Create an account with a valid email address
  • Generate application payment RRR and process payment through online or bank payment
  • Proceed to the LVT portal and complete the Application form
  • Print out the completed Application form


Sales of Application forms is on