Department of Chemistry

Doctor of Philosophy (Chemistry)

About the Programme

Duration of Programme

  1. A full time Doctoral Programme shall run for a minimum of 6 semesters and a maximum of 8 semesters.
  2. Part-time Doctoral programmes shall run for a minimum of 8 semesters and a maximum of 10 semesters.
  3. For extension beyond the specified maximum period, a special permission of Senate shall be required.


            Requirements for Graduation

  1. Doctorate (Ph.D.) programmes should primarily be by Research. However, Departmental Postgraduate Committee may prescribe some courses of not more than 12 credit units to be taken by the candidates.  A Doctoral (Ph.D.) Thesis of 12 credit units MUST be defended before a Panel of Internal and External Examiners.
  2. A student shall present at least two seminars, submit and defend a thesis proposal.
  • A student shall carry out research in a relevant area of specialization and submit an acceptable thesis.