Department of Geography

Department of Geography

The Department of Geography at Federal University Lokoja, which for now run only BSc Hons Geography, is one of the five pioneer departments in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. It was established in 2012, and enrolled its pioneer students in November, 2012. The take-off academic staff were 7 in number, of which 3 were from established universities and 4 were new entrant to the teaching profession. Dr. J.A. Ukoje, a Rural Geographer and GIS specialist with over three decades of active service with the Ahmadu Bello University, was the first Head of Department. Shortly after the take-off, three other members of staff joined the department. They are Professor M.O Oshagbemi, a Human Geographer from University of Jos, Dr (Mrs) J.E. Ukoje, also a Human Geographer from Ahmadu Bello University, and Professor I.A. Jaiyeoba, a Physical Geographer also from the Ahmadu Bello University. The department curriculum emphasizes balance between human and physical geography, and amongst theory, methods and applications. Field courses forms an integral component of the curriculum and are generally enjoyed by students – after the initial shock wore off – and the rather masculine image that they impart to the subject is counteracted by the fact that most often, ladies would always beat their male counterparts to the summits of lofty residual hills that are visited during such field trips. The fact that the department is new, and in a new university, notwithstanding, its stock of physical infrastructure is rapidly building-up. The department’s automatic weather station, and state of art GIS laboratory are already being installed. It has also acquired several textbooks, maps, and few equipment for its conventional Library, Map Library and the Soil and Hydrological Laboratory, respectively, but does not yet have the physical space to house such infrastructures. It is hoped that in not too distance future, such facilities would fully be provided. Professor I.A. Jaiyeoba is the current head of the department.

Student Population in the Department


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The Degree Programme


The B.Sc. Honours Degree in Geography run by the department is for four years for students admitted at 100 Level, and three years for students admitted at 200 Level


Geography programme at FUL is geared toward a thorough and up-to-date training in the theory, methods and applications of geographical knowledge.  It is therefore aimed at producing high-level workforce with geographic knowledge, and providing essential and reliable database for planning and sustainable management of human and natural resources. The underlying philosophy therefore is acquisition of up-to-date applied or applicable knowledge (and skill), for informed and rational utilisation of resources for sustainable national development.

The specific objectives that the department seeks to achieve include:

  • provision of a broad-based training in Geography to enable students acquire some amount of specialization and techniques in one or more fields needed for employment or entrepreneurship,
  • development of skills and techniques for accurate, orderly and objective geographical investigation and interpretation,
  • development of skills, techniques, knowledge and attitude that will enable effective tackling of environmental problems and earning  a living from the various sectors of the economy,
  • raising awareness on sustainable development and environmental consciousness in a dynamic society,
  • making research and teaching relevant to the contemporary needs of Nigeria.