Department of Industrial Chemistry

Department of Industrial Chemistry

Industrial Chemistry is the index of industrial development everywhere in the world. The enormous strides made by man in the understanding, exploitation of nature and synthesis of new products all have their roots in chemistry and chemical technology. For economic sustenance and technological breakthrough, the Industrial Chemistry undergraduate programme is designed to encompass an appreciation of the centrality of chemical sciences in the entire undergraduate curricula.

The Department of Industrial Chemistry is one of the newly established (2019) departments in the Federal University, Lokoja, under the Faculty of Science, offering a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Chemistry.

The students’ Handbook is a guide for the Bachelor of Science degree in the Department of Industrial Chemistry at the Federal University Lokoja. It contains information about the University in general, and the Department, in particular. It is hoped that students would find the Handbook useful ...

Dr. Mohammed Salehdeen

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The objectives of the Industrial Chemistry Programme are as follows:
a. To provide students with a thorough grounding in principles and sound knowledge of scientific methods of the chemical sciences.
b. Arouse a sense of curiosity and enquiring mind, in order to encourage and develop creative thinking and research aptitude.
c. Generate in students an awareness of the enormous resources in their immediate environment so as to enhance solutions to the challenges of our time in a march towards nation building.
d. To educate and train chemists, particularly applied chemists, who can think fundamentally about their subject and who can acquire as graduates, a meaningful picture of the chemical industry.
e. Inculcate in students appropriate skills and abilities to manage and administer technological operations within the field of chemistry and allied areas.
f. Prepare students for professional participation in chemical industries. It is intended that graduates of this programme will be able to adapt themselves to jobs which are problem solving or results oriented in the chemical, petrochemical, biochemical and allied technological fields e.g. food, environmental, textiles, polymer etc.

Mission Statement

To produce graduates with sound knowledge of fundamentals of chemistry who also have the ability to apply this knowledge in the conversion of nationally available raw materials into useful products
in commercial quantity.


The primary vision of the Department is to produce well trained graduates in Industrial Chemistry that would propel the nation forward economically via proper manning of our chemical and allied industries. This, we hope to achieve via a crop of expert industrial chemists and a well-structured curriculum that covers theory, practical and industrial training during the course of the programme.


The programme is designed to equip students for employment in virtually all types of industries. Consequently, a lot of emphasis is placed on practical work and industrial training during the courseof the programme which runs as a 4-year post-secondary programme (or a 3-year programme for Alevel graduates). Students are to undertake one industrial attachment of 24 weeks during their 300 level second semester and the long vacation. The programme is also planned to arouse entrepreneurial spirit needed for self-employment and economic emancipation.
Undergraduates in the Department of Industrial Chemistry will take prescribed core courses which lay emphasis on exposing students to fundamental areas of interest such as Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Polymers, Petro-chemistry, Cosmetics and Cleansing products, Environmental Chemistry, Food Chemistry, Agrochemicals and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Seminars and Workshops may sometimes be organized by the Department. Final year seminar is compulsory for all the students.
During the study programme, students are expected to visit Chemical Industries and write reports. They are expected to deliver seminars in the first semester of final year. Industrial Chemistry students are also required to participate in the Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) for a period of twenty-four (24) weeks during their 300 level second semester and the long vacation,as part of their academic programme. They are to submit and defend a type-written comprehensive report to the Department. The inclusion of Research Project which emphasizes the use of local raw materials
as industrial feed-stock will go a long way to achieve some of the objectives. It is hoped that students' intellectual growth is properly molded to enable them go into the society with a positive, responsible, and responsive attitude.