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Matriculation Speech delivered by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Angela F. Miri at the 6th Matriculation Ceremony of FUL held on 10th April, 2018


Members of the University Management,
Deans of Faculties,
Heads of Departments,
Directors and Deputy Directors,
Distinguished Members of Staff,
Matriculating Students,
Ladies and Gentlemen.

With gratitude to the Almighty God, it is my pleasure to welcome all of you to this year's Matriculation Ceremony of Federal University Lokoja. On behalf of the University Council, Management, Senate, Staff and Students, I warmly congratulate our matriculating and new students who after a rigorous exercise gained admission into the various programmes of our University - Federal University Lokoja. You are all aware of the stiff competition for the limited places that characterize Nigerian Universities today. While congratulating our matriculating students, I wish to draw your attention to the fact that this is the first stage of your intellectual journey through this great University. It is my hope that at the end of four (4) years you will make a successful and triumphant exit from this University and the investment of your parents and guardians over the years would not be in vain.

Securing admission into any University in Nigeria nowadays calls for celebration considering the millions of candidates who earnestly yearn for University education and who have tried on several occasions to gain entry but failed.

A total number of 1,606 students are matriculating this afternoon. The statistics of the Matriculating Students are as follows:





No. of Students





English & Literary Studies






History & International Studies



Political Science









No. of Students


Biological sciences






Computer Science






Mathematical Sciences









GRAND TOTAL (734 + 872)


You should count yourselves very lucky to be among the very few out of the thousands that applied. It is in this respect that I charge you all to face your studies squarely so as not to lose the golden opportunity of acquiring university education. There is a standard that every student must attain immediately he/she registers, and once a Student cannot meet up the expected standard, the University shows him/her the way out of the system. We do not compromise standards in FUL, hence you need to work extra-hard. Everything that is required to make the students excel academically has been put in place. We have a library that is well equipped, coupled with a conducive learning environment. There is an alternative power supply each time we experience power failure from PHCN; I assure you that power would be sustained especially in the night for our Students to study.

My dear Matriculating Students, your mission in Federal University Lokoja is to work hard and acquire a first degree, therefore do not be distracted as there are distractions of various sorts. Work hard so that you can graduate in record time; shun bad company and be good ambassadors of your respective families, your state and the nation. I urge you to obey school rules and regulations as the contravention of any of our rules is met with stiff penalties, and in some cases expulsion from the institution. Federal University Lokoja Students’ Hand book has been made available for all our students, to guide them accordingly.  I therefore implore you all to painstakingly go through our Handbook to be adequately acquainted with our laws which are sacrosanct.

I am glad to inform you that the University is fast growing, and moving to the next level of Academic and Physical development. Having graduated the second set, FUL has commenced Post Graduate Programmes and qualified candidates who applied for admission for the Post Graduate Diploma would soon be offered admission while advertisement for Masters Degree programmes shall be in the National Dailies in October, 2018. It is my pleasure, again, to intimate you that the University has commenced remedial science programmes to prepare students who are deficient in some subjects, to remedy the deficiencies and to equally prepare them for JAMB Examinations. Additionally, more Faculties and Programmes are being planned to be established in the University which will present students applying to Federal University Lokoja with a variety of choices of programmes of interests to study.

Matriculation ceremony of this nature in all institutions of higher learning marks the formal admission of new students into the University. It is also the occasion during which the new students pledge their allegiance to the Authority of the Institution. The administration of Oath requires the obedience of the matriculating students to the Charter, Statutes, Policies and Regulations that govern it. The swearing of the oath of admission and register signifies that you are now  bona fide students of Federal University Lokoja.

Let me slightly digress here. Last year, precisely, on Saturday, 4th November, 2017, this Institution held its 2nd Convocation ceremony during which a total number of 11 students graduated with First Class degrees, 79 with Second Class (Upper) degrees (2.1) and 148 with Second Class (Lower) degrees (2.2). This did not come as a surprise. The graduated students had worked hard and lived the motto of the University. The motto of Federal University Lokoja which is sic itur Ad Astra - "the Sky is the limit" is very apt. I encourage you from the beginning to set a goal of excellence for yourselves and aim through hard work to achieve it as those before you have done.

Distinguished Ladies and gentlemen, and particularly our matriculating students, to obtain a University degree in Federal University Lokoja, the student must be found worthy in learning and character. Our cardinal purpose is not only to equip you with an education, with the spirit of intellectual enquiry, curiosity and resilience, but also, you must be found to be morally upright. Consequently, the journey of today's matriculation exercise and the graduation ceremony in four (4) years time must be devoid of acts that tantamount to negative tendencies which are against good character and learning. You are admonished as new students to shun all forms of social vices such as cultism, indecent dressing, examination malpractices, sexual misbehaviour, fraudulent acts and any anti social behaviour that could mar your future.

With this matriculation ceremony, a new chapter of several opportunities, experiences and challenges awaits you. For you to succeed you must be focused, committed to your studies, be disciplined and be active participants of this University community.

As the Vice-Chancellor of this great university, alongside the Academic and Non-academic staff, it is incumbent on us to make your experience at Federal University Lokoja rewarding, memorable and as excellent as possible. It is my sincere hope that the skills and experiences you will acquire here will equip you for further achievements in future.

The University is in the process of moving to its Permanent Site at Felele. This was not possible last year 2017 due to paucity of funds. It is my belief that 2018 would be a better year to enable us to achieve greater heights in the development of Federal University Lokoja. The most critical needs at the moment include the completion of planned projects, infrastructural development and the provision of municipal services at the permanent site. Movement to the permanent site located in Felele along Lokoja-Okene Road, Kogi State is therefore, inevitable as the Adankolo take-off site is currently choked-up with hardly any space for further development; the University will undoubtedly develop faster if we move to the permanent site. Efforts are being made by the Federal Ministry of Education and the National Universities Commission (NUC) in this direction. The Federal Government must be commended for making tuition-fee free in all Federal Universities. It is however important that school service charges should be promptly paid by all students as at when due.

Our matriculating students should appreciate early the fact that your success or failure in life is in your hands. You should work hard to make your dreams come true.

Finally, I most sincerely appreciate our indefatigable Staff Members who planned this event on behalf of Management and thank all parents, guardians for gracing the occasion. 

Thank you and God bless you all.