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FUL Promotes 24 Academic Staff - 7 Professors, 13 Readers / Associate Professors and Others


The Management of Federal University Lokoja has announced the promotion of some distinguished Academic Staff of the University following positive responses received from the External Assessments of their Publications which was ratified by the 3rd Governing Council at its Inaugural Meeting held on Wednesday, August 12, 2020.

Hereunder is the list of Academic Staff newly promoted:

S/N      Name                                                    Department                        Present Rank           Rank Promoted to

1.       Dr. Remi Akujobi                            English & Lit. Studies       Reader                  Professor

2.       Dr. Ayodele Anthony Bamidele          English & Lit. Studies       Reader                  Professor

3.       Dr. Abel Joseph                             English & Lit. Studies       Reader                  Professor

4.       Dr. Naphtali John Watramarhyel         Economics                     Reader                  Professor

5.       Dr. Jacqueline Azumi Badaki            Biological Sciences          Reader                  Professor

6.       Dr. Adang Lucas Kombe                 Biological Sciences          Reader                  Professor

7.       Dr. Francisca Onaolapo Oladipo       Computer Science           Reader                  Professor

8.       Dr. Lawal Adesina Olarewaju            English & Lit. Studies       Senior Lecturer       Reader

9.       Dr. Ofure Odede Maria-Aito             English & Lit. Studies       Senior Lecturer       Reader

10.       Dr. Joy Ede Ukoje                                Geography                    Senior Lecturer       Reader

11.     Dr. Musilimu Adeyinka Adetunji          Geography                    Senior Lecturer       Reader

12.     Dr. Musa Yusufu Abdullahi               History & Int’l Studies      Senior Lecturer       Reader

13.     Dr. Abdulrahman Ochi Suberu          History & Int’l Studies      Senior Lecturer       Reader

14.     Dr. Joseph Yinka Fashagba              Political Science             Senior Lecturer       Reader

15.     Dr. Lawal Ejallonibu Ebenezer           Political Science             Senior Lecturer       Reader

16.     Dr. Edgar Osakpanwan Osaghae       Computer Science          Senior Lecturer       Reader

17.     Dr. Sunday Obomeviekome Imoni      Mathematical Sciences    Senior Lecturer       Reader

18.     Dr. Abdulhameed Salawu                 Physics                         Senior Lecturer       Reader

19.     Dr. Isabona Joseph                         Physics                         Senior Lecturer       Reader

20.     Dr. Olalekan Wasiu Salawu               Chemistry                      Senior Lecturer       Reader

Other Members of Academic Staff promoted

21.     Dailami Adam Shuaibu                    Chemistry                       Assistant Lecturer    Lecturer II

22.     Yakubu Newman Monday                Chemistry                       Assistant Lecturer    Lecturer II

23.     Dr. Abdullahi Shehu                        Chemistry                       Lecturer II              Lecturer I

24.     Dr. Gabriel Kehinde Obiyenwa          Chemistry                       Lecturer II              Lecturer I

The University Management has already communicated the new promotions to the concerned Members of Academic Staff.

 Congratulations to all the beneficiaries!