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Live tweets of the VC's Conversation on NTA Lokoja Program



The Vice-Chancellor, Federal University Lokoja (FUL), Professor Olayemi Akinwumi was a guest on NTA Lokoja Live Program "Coast to Coast" on Sunday, 8th May, 2022 where he expounded on the numerous achievements of his Administration within one year in office. 

Below are highlights of his interaction during the engaging interview on the Lokoja television station of Africa's Largest TV Network:

"The purpose for the establishment of FUL, achieved!" ~ Prof. Akinwumi

"Education is our major industry in Kogi State and it is a plus for us as it has brought to us opportunity to train more of our people" 

~ Prof. Akinwumi

"If we do not do something drastic, we may be hiring medical doctors from outside the State to man our hospitals and engineering facilities. FUL is an answer to these quests and more" ~ Prof. Akinwumi

"It is our desire to work hard to change the narrative, and that is what I am committed to. I had challenges with funding. I am fully aware that Federal Government alone cannot no longer fund education" ~ Prof. Akinwumi

"I see myself as a marketer, I can't sit at a place without moving out to secure people to see how the University can thrive. I won't sit around and be waiting for manna... My friendship with people is yielding results for the university" ~ Prof. Akinwumi

"I have to be grateful to God for Management. It is one thing to have an idea but lack people to drive it. We are a team, and our focus is to change the narrative and change what we found on the ground. ~ Prof. Akinwumi

"I came prepared and I took it from ground zero. I sat with the team and we agreed on the vision I have, this accounts for the achievements you are seeing" ~ Prof. Akinwumi

"If we did not move to the Permanent Site, the development you have seen so far would have been difficult. I had to move and it has proven to be the best decision so far" ~ Prof. Akinwumi

"We plan to introduce more programmes in the nearest future: Faculty of Law and Agriculture are our next move. We also hope to have Tourism soon, and this means we may come and ask for a part of Mount-Patti to situate it" ~ Prof. Akinwumi

"Entrepreneurship is my 'A' game to ensure that all students, irrespective of their programme of study, acquire one skill or the other. Upon graduation, the students will be certificated and their businesses registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). We want to rid the youths and graduates from FUL from any criminal tendencies by ensuring that they are thoroughly skilled to stand after graduation. It is now a MUST for every student to register for a particular skill" ~ Prof. Akinwumi

"We operate an open-door policy. This grants our students opportunity to interact with us (Management). It has greatly helped us in addressing most of the challenges they have, hence, they do not have any reason to be involved in cult related activities. We interact regularly with them which helps us to feel their pulse" ~ Prof. Akinwumi

"I am proud of my professors, teachers and administrators. They are doing a great job and it shows in all we have achieved generally. ~ Prof. Akinwumi

"I love peace and do my best to ensure it. I am not a conventional Vice-Chancellor, I met a divided house, ASUU especially, but today, we are one. I can only say, that the sincerity of my heart was seen by the divided parties and today, we are one" ~ Prof. Akinwumi

"I want to leave FUL better than I met it. I want to hear people say that: he came, he saw, and he conquered" ~ Prof. Akinwumi

"My humble advice to my dear Kogites: See FUL as yours. Join hands with us, endow chairs and assist us." ~ Prof. Akinwumi

"We need a lot in FUL, people of the State should come and help us. It is your University, our University. Help indigent students, help us with structures, perimeter fencing, etc. Just let your name be heard in FUL" ~ Prof. Akinwumi

"I am grateful to TETFund. I pray they beam more light on the younger Universities like us. Thank you and God bless." ~ Prof. Akinwumi