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FUL Sends Off Prof. John Naphtali as VC Commends Lecturer's Impact and Excellent Service


A special ceremony was held on Monday, 19th June 2023, in the conference hall of the College of Health Sciences, Adankolo to pay tribute to the distinguished academic, Prof. John W. Naphtali. The event marked the conclusion of his remarkable contributions to the development of Federal University Lokoja (FUL), leaving an indelible mark on the Institution.

Speaking at the auspicious occasion, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Olayemi Akinwumi took the opportunity to eulogize Prof. J.W. Naphtali, praising his exceptional character and emphasizing the rarity of such a remarkable individual who deserved admiration and emulation.

During the ceremony, principal officers, provosts, and deans conveyed their goodwill messages, expressing their desire to retain Prof. Naphtali's services at the University. However, understanding the importance of his well-being, it was recognized that his voluntary withdrawal from the services of the FUL and return to his alma mater in Maiduguri was significant.

Among the consistent subjects highlighted in the remarks delivered during this solemn send-off was Prof. John Naphtali's decade-long commitment to excellence in the Department of Economics and his invaluable contributions to the University as a whole, including his dedicated involvement in the Directorate of Consultancy and Ventures, where he served alongside his former teacher and lecturer, Prof. David Irefin.

As a token of appreciation, Professor Naphtali was presented with a grand work of art featuring a uniquely designed drawing, symbolizing the respect and gratitude of the Vice-Chancellor, Management, staff, and students of the Federal University Lokoja. With a handshake from the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Akinwumi, and the acceptance of the gift, Prof. Naphtali's departure back to his alma mater, the University of Maiduguri, was officially concluded.

In response, Prof. Naphtali, overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude for the generosity demonstrated by the FUL administration toward him and his family, conveyed his deep appreciation to the Vice-Chancellor and the University Management. He stated, "My VC, words alone cannot adequately express the level of respect and honuor I hold for you. There is no stronger word in the English language to convey my gratitude in this situation than 'thank you,' unless I borrow from the vocabulary of Prof. Gbenga Ibileye, the Provost of the College of Postgraduate Studies."

He continued, "My family and I are immensely appreciative of the genuine support you and your Management team have extended to us. At this moment, I can offer nothing more than a heartfelt 'thank you.' It is a simple phrase that effortlessly captures the deepest sense of appreciation my heart sincerely feels. Once again, thank you." See more pictures of the send-off here

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