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FUL Audit Director's Appointment as Executive Secretary of SEMA, Jigawa State Celebrated with Heartfelt Farewell


Members of the Directorate of Internal Audit at Federal University Lokoja (FUL) gathered to celebrate the appointment of their esteemed Director, Mall. Haruna Mairiga, as the new Executive Secretary of the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) by Jigawa State Governor, Alhaji Umar Namadi, FCA.

In a touching send-off ceremony organized by the Directorate to honor their beloved leader before his departure for Jigawa State, staff members expressed their joy and gratitude. They commended the Director's amiable personality and recalled how he had positively impacted their lives, both professionally and personally. The staff expressed their heartfelt appreciation for his exemplary leadership, mentoring, and significant contributions to their success in the audit job.

The appointment was hailed as well-deserved, and the staff took the opportunity to thank the Director for fostering a conducive working environment that nurtured their career progression. They fondly reminisced about the years of camaraderie and cordial relationships during their time together at the University.

While offering prayers for his success in his new role of serving his State, the staff urged him to approach his new responsibilities with circumspection and make FUL proud, as they expressed their unwavering confidence in his leadership capabilities to excel in the prestigious position.

In response, the Director humbly thanked the staff for organizing the heartfelt send-off party on such short notice. He expressed deep appreciation for the cordiality, support, and cooperation he had received from his team over the years. Encouraging them to extend the same camaraderie to his successor, he conveyed his confidence in their collective ability to thrive and excel.

Mairiga also extended gratitude to the University Management for approving his release, stating that he had learned valuable leadership qualities from the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Olayemi Akinwumi, which he promised to emulate and apply in his new assignment.

In parting words, he encouraged the staff to continue developing themselves professionally and to put forth their best efforts in carrying out their work. He acknowledged the efforts he had invested over the years in developing the Audit Unit into a full-fledged Directorate, providing clear-cut career progression paths that would enable them to reach the pinnacle of the audit profession within the institution.

The event concluded with the heartfelt presentation of gifts and group photographs, symbolizing the enduring bond between the Audit Director and the dedicated staff who had shared their journey of growth and success together. See more pictures here

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