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Birthday Felicitation: Prof. Akinwumi Eulogizes FUL Former Council Chairman at 79


Dear Distinguished Senator Chris Adighije,

Honouring our Legacy on Your 79th Birthday

As the Federal University Lokoja stood on the brink of transition into its third phase of development, your path intersected with ours, bringing with it a wave of hope and promise. Your tenure left an indelible mark on our institution, propelling us forward on all fronts through your exceptional leadership, wealth of experience, and unwavering determination.

Your steadfast commitment to excellence and adherence to due process served as the cornerstone of your remarkable leadership, paving the way for the continued success and progress that I, your son, Olayemi Akinwumi, have tried diligently to sustain.

Beyond your tenure, your enduring dedication to the growth and advancement of FUL has earned you a revered place in our institution's history and in the annals of my own storytelling as a historian.

As you celebrate your 79th birthday, may the tapestry of your life be woven with all shades of happiness and joy. Your journey stands as a testament to the existence of true fathers, whose influence and impact resonate far beyond their years.

Congratulations, Distinguished Senator Chris Iheanyichkwu Adighije, on this momentous occasion. Your legacy continues to inspire and guide us, shaping the future of our beloved institution.

With sincere admiration and warm regards,


Olayemi Akinwumi


Federal University Lokoja.