Interim SU Leadership: Important Information to Students from the Dean of Students' Affairs


Note of Information and Request for Cooperation

The University has constituted an interim Student Union leadership to manage the affairs of the student body temporarily. This measure is to re-establish the standard timelines for elections and the tenure of elected positions.

It is important to clarify that the University did not hastily impose this interim administration on the students. Management held five (5) meetings with faculty executives and made various efforts to communicate the necessity of moving forward.

However, these initiatives were consistently met with resistance and reluctance from the students, who showed little interest in the progress the Management sought for the student body.

To prevent a leadership vacuum, the implementation of an Interim Students Union leadership became necessary.

The Management therefore calls on all students to support the interim administration to ensure the smooth functioning of the Union. This cooperation is vital for organizing an election that will soon bring in a new cadre of leaders.

Also, your cooperation in this matter will demonstrate respect and honor towards the University Management, which remains committed to the best interests of the entire community.

Thank you for your understanding and support.


Professor Abdullahi Yusufu
Dean of Students' Affairs