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Aloysius Pam

Research Interests

  • Research interests include Application of several types of bio- sorbents and nanomaterials, mainly  in degradation of inorganic and organic hazardous waste from  contaminated soil and waste water, with a previous focus on Pesticid degradation and heavy metals in soil. Current

    research effort is focused on wastewater remediation using novel sorbents with special attention on selectivity and modification of theses materials   

    . Experienced in the following techniques:


    *Activated  carbon  synthesis/acid catalysis 

    * water/wastewater  treatment  methods

    * Field Emission Scanning electronic microscopy (FESEM)

    * Solid elemental analysis(EDX)

    * Fourier transform infrareds pectrophotometer (FTIR)

    * Powder X- ray diffraction (XRD)

    * BET Surface area measurements

    * Boehm titration

    *Atomic Absorption   Spectrometer (AAS)

    * UV-visible spectroscopy


Aloysius Akanngee Pam

Lecturer Ii