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Aaron Auduson

Research Interests

  • Current research and scholarly interests are centred in integrating the technical disciplines of geology, geophysics, reservoir engineering, petroleum economics and data Science (Machine learning and artificial intelligence) in order to delineate, characterize and model the earth and harness geo-resources. At the moment, I am engaged in seismic modelling involving rock physics and fluid substitution modelling, numerical simulation and quantitative modelling of acoustic parameters and earth media properties; geophysical technology involving coding and fabrication; data analytics, involving machine learning and artificial intelligence. These methods are being applied in time-lapse experimentation; understanding rock-fluid interaction; stress regime of the formation; differentiating the amplitude signal of solid-filled from fluid-filled hydrocarbon reservoirs; have better understanding of the links between seismic properties measured at the surface of the Earth or within boreholes and the inherent rock properties such as mineralogy, porosity, fluids saturation, stress regime. Other applications of the methods include implementation of machine learning algorithms for earth sciences-based applications (well, seismic, etc), for more robust precision and accuracy at short period of time. My current research collaboration and industrial partnership is with the League Geo-Service Limited, a Nigerian indigenous geoscientific, engineering and environmental contracting and consulting company. Research Group-IREPaD: In October, 2018, I founded a research group code-named ''Innovative Research for Exploration, Production and Development, IREPaD'', domiciled at my Department of Geology, Federal University Lokoja, Nigeria. The 11-man team consists of membership cutting across the faculty of Science, meant adopt multidisciplinary approach, for better results. Core objectives were to: Design state-of-the-art research techniques, which would lead to exploration for and exploitation of geo-resources with maximum recovery in a smart and environmentally responsible manner. The examples of such geo-resources include oil and gas, solid mineral resources, groundwater, etc.

Aaron Enechojo Auduson

Head, Department of Geology

Senior Lecturer