Department of English and Literary Studies

Department of English and Literary Studies

The Department of English and Literary Studies is one of the eleven departments that came into being following the establishment of the University in 2011. It had as its pioneer Head, Professor Joseph Sunday Aliyu who served for two academic sessions. The department, at the initial stage, seeks to give attention to the three broad aspects of literary studies-language, literature and drama- thereby awarding the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in English and Literary Studies. It is expected that the department will eventually evolve to award three distinct degrees in these broad areas of study. In this case, students majoring in English Language will be exposed dominantly to the general structure of human language and in particular to the English language. They will also be exposed to the various branches of linguistics or language studies. Similarly, students majoring in Literature will be exposed to contemporary forms. To the same extent, majors in language will have training in the theories and practice of drama and theatre studies. Besides these core foci, the department will seek to engender creativity and the dynamic deployment of the skills to be imparted to the students for the resolution of the practical and knowledge issues of the Nigerian nation as well as participate actively as members of the global community of knowledge holders.

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Mission Statement

To employ the best and most modern practices and techniques in the teaching and training of students in English Language, Linguistics, Literature and Drama.


To be a first-rate department in the training of world-class graduates of English and Literary Studies.


The philosophy for the establishment of the Department of English and Literary Studies is anchored on the realization that a critical knowledge and adequate skills in English and literary studies will enhance access into the limitless domains and troves of universal intellectual treasures in all aspects of human endeavour.Indeed, the philosophical basis of the department reinforces the centrality of language, literature and drama to the acquisition of a broad spectrum of skills which students in a dynamic and rapidly changing and developing nation such as Nigeria will require to navigate the world of work, English has assumed the status of the de facto lingua franca and national official language, a course in English is expected to properly ground holders of the degree in the proper understanding of the various dimensions of language and literary skills needed for excellence in the society. The department is therefore expected to harness and harvest the limitless benefits of its multi-disciplinary and inter-dependence.

Contact Address

For enquiries, please contact:

Department of English and Literary Studies,
Federal University Lokoja
PMB 1154,
Lokoja, Kogi State.


Contact Number: 08074776604